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Sacred Blue Heron Messenger Woman

My name is Ingrid Lorna, Sacred Blue Heron Messenger Woman. I was born with the name Ingrid Lorna Boettcher,  of the Boettcher-Conrad families in Neustetin Poland and the Bruckner-Mueller families of Waldorf Germany, and as the daughter of German Immigrants. My grandfather’s were both WWII Veterans of the German Army. My grandpa Boettcher got sent to the Russian front to fight and ended up being captured. How he walked away from the Gulag not one of us knows, but we heard the stories of how many times the family was saved from being sent to the Gulag!

My other grandpa served under General Rommel in the DAK in North Africa. My dad’s family came to America sponsored by a big farmer in Alamosa Colorado as workers for his farm. My mom’s sister married an American GI, so the family followed her to San Antonio. My mom’s family moved to Denver, CO soon after arrival in the US, and that is where my mom and dad met and got married.

When I was 6, I experienced sexual trauma at the hands of my Grandpa Boettcher, while my mother was working, and grandma was babysitting. When I spilled the beans, my mom and dad decided the extra income wasn’t worth it, and from that time forward, I was at home with my mom, and homeschooled!

I loved books, they were my magic carpet, on one of the magic carpet rides I decided I was going to be a Nurse. My dad used to tousle my hair and say “only if God wants”. Inwardly I’d say to myself “yea.. whatever” I KNEW that being an RN was my personal legend, the destiny heaven had conferred on me.

We moved from Colorado to Moab Utah, on 500 acres of organic farm, boarding academy of the SDA religion. That time in the desert was a big part of my personal legend,! As the years went by, we spent 2 of them on Okinawa, Utah again and then Colorado. We were Vegan from the time I was 7. By the time I was 19, my weight/wait was at 198 pounds, and I am 5’5″! I had been waiting/weighting to be old enough to leave home and fulfill my personal legend/destiny.

The omens took me to Georgia, Northern British Columbia, New York City, and then to live with my Grandma. This was when I really stepped into my personal legend/destiny fulfillment, and living with her, in her home of love, where we ate meat, dairy products, snacks were always available as Germans eat 5 times a day, the wait/weight melted off. I was not working out or exercising like crazy!

Part of my personal legend was joining the Navy Nurse Corps, getting married, having a baby, moving to Northern British Columbia, having another baby, being a stay-at-home mom, wife of a logger, working again as an RN, there was something else.. a new destiny phase calling me.

The omens led us home to Colorado just in time for 9/11/01. I joined the Army Nurse Corps on March 17, 2003, the day former President Bush declared war on Iraq. December 26, 2004, was one of the hardest days of my life. That was the day I kissed my two daughters good-bye and boarded a bus.. bound for a plane.. bound for Iraq. Just before leaving for Iraq, I felt that the new destiny phase/cycle calling was to attend the Army’s Nurse Anesthesia program, that part of destiny called very loudly while I was in Iraq, and on my return stateside, I started Anesthesia school, but NOPE.. that was not my freshened personal legend/destiny. I thought 20 years in the military would would be my personal legend/destiny.. again a big NO!

The girls and I moved to Washington (2 divorces later) after the Universe made it VERY clear I was out of the Army. I was a travel nurse, and remember driving home from a small hospital in Northern Washington thinking “If I can just get 2 more shifts this week.. and every week.. I’ll be financially set.”.. immediately followed “but I’m exhausted, I don’t want to do this anymore”, and that was the first omen of the new destiny fulfillment phase.

About the weight/wait.. all these years, I’ve maintained my weight between 125-135, without dieting, without working out.

 At this point in time, my younger daughter was in FFA, and telling me we needed a farm. So we started with 2 ducks.

The next omen was during a conversation with a disabled Marine the thought “something different needs to be done for us Veterans” crossed my mind. The 3rd omen was the thought while standing at the Nurses station “I can’t do this anymore”. This was all in the 2010/2011 time frame, the last Neptune/Jupiter meeting in the sky.

Apparently, I wasn’t giving the omens for my freshened personal legend/destiny enough attention, so the “baseball bat” arrived in the form of herniated discs in my lumbar spine along with degenerative joint disease in the vertebrae.

That got my attention and so I stepped off the Western medical system roller coaster/hamster wheel  I’d been on, and set off to find my fresh treasure/personal legend. That was in Quincy Washington in a 108 year old farmhouse on 2 acres, but the full treasure was still not there, it was simply a stepping stone on the journey. The omens led my daughter and I to Indianola, Oklahoma where we started our something different for Veterans farm- BWD Ranch.

It has been a walk of faith, the herniated discs and degenerative joint disease melted away as did the wait/weight. I have spent the last 13 years fulfilling this phase of the destiny/legend heaven conferred on me, and now with the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune meeting in the sky, a new  destiny phase/cycle and treasure are calling to be fulfilled.

This is the ushering in of the next 999.5 years (and more) of true freedom, healthy, peace and prosperity for every living entity, on our mother earth.

  Why 999.5 years? because I started the 1000 year journey 5 months ago, and so we are 1/2 a year into this destiny fulfilling journey!

Cohabitation Dehesas

Dehesa- The word comes from the old growth multifunctional agrosylvopastoral systems of Spain. The dehesas of Spain (Montados in Portugal) are examples of ecosystems where humans play a constructive role, maintaining and improving the landscape to benefit wilderness, all its inhabitants and humans equally. The area of land belongs to the village/cohabitors in common.

Forests seem permanent and natural. Few are. For at least 6,000 years men and women have shaped the woods. The forests as we know them are products of craft/art-ing.

Up until our time a forest was not a wilderness. From it might be harvested timber, firewood, tanbark, charcoal, fence and hurdle poles, splints for wattle, grass to pasture sheep, goats, cattle, horses, bison and more, acorns to fatten hogs, honey from beehives, ink from oak galls. In return, the users left the dung of the grazing animals.

A good dehesa looks like a park. The principal trees are oak, and under the trees are grasses and many more forage plants.

No one gets individually rich on a Dehesa, yet all live well. It requires a complex code of use allied to half a dozen crafts (or more) in a system of care and protection for all who come after. This has been going on since the bronze age and before. Since the Neolithic age crops have been planted among the trees.


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Arting/Crafting careers

 Working for a living= merely surviving

Career-ing= inspiring for a short time

Art-ing/crafting vocation-ing= awakened radiantly happy living a full filling life.


Since humans began to build and settle down, there have been two versions of the world; the world made with wood, and the world made with coal and oil. One lasted 12 to 15 millenia, the other has lasted about 250 years so far, and is crumbling into non being.

Humans arose through the exercise of memory, reason and skill in a world that was warming and blooming. Memory gave to reason its material and skill proved a thought to be true (or not). Skill suggested a turn of the wrist, memory preserved it, reason compared it.

The human attributes-courage, faithfulness, patience, fortitude, prudence and honor were forged where the faculties met, in the making of home in the world.

Human beings learned from the woods around them. The more the people worked with the oak, the more the oak taught them what it could do.

When we talk about prehistoric Britain we tend to think of Stonehenge. What we seldom realize is that Stonehenge is by no means unique. Most of the henges that have been excavated were largely or entirely made of oak posts.

The shapes and patterns of all the henges are called entropic because it is thought that they were created within the eyes itself.

The human mind grew through the knowledge born of Art, of Craft, and in order to make, our ancestors had to imagine. In order to imagine, they had to make. Between thinking/imagining and making (art-ing/crafting) the world we know emerged.

To imagine and to make (art, craft) are reinforcing pairs that awaken your spirit to life a big talented full-filling life.


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We are re-enchanting our world by honoring and celebrating everybody and everything while Art-ing a good life for all.


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