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Aloha, a heartfelt welcome to our aatl co-habitation dehesas


This is what we would like to say to you in person:

There are various possibilities for you to be with us in person: guided tours/walks, festivities, and the cohabitation crafting career program. But since –for the moment being– you are visiting us in the virtual sense, we will give you a virtual tour to acquaint you with us and the great work of crafting our new, yet ancient world of everybody living a big, beautiful life, in harmony with our more than human world.


The word comes from the old growth multifunctional agrosylvopastoral systems of Spain. The dehesas of Spain (Montados in Portugal) are examples of ecosystems where humans play a constructive role, maintaining and improving the landscape to benefit wilderness, all its inhabitants and humans equally.

Cohabitation Dehesa

OWL can see that which others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom


working for a living= merely surviving

career-ing= inspiring for a short time

Art-ing/crafting vocation-ing = awakened radiantly happy, living a full-filling life contributing to other’s plenitude

Crafting careers

We are art-ing a movement of peace and plenitude for all while re-enchanting our world through honoring and celebrating everyone and everything.

Who is us?



The presence/essence/breath of God is IN you

you are IN the essence/presence/breath of God

The marriage of Spirit and flesh-owning up to be a creature of earth. Tuning your senses to the sensual terrain, blending your skin with the rain rippled surfaces of rivers, lakes, streams,. Mingling your ears with the thunder and thrumming of frogs, and your eyes with the molten sunset/sunrise skies.

Feeling the polyrhythmic pulsations of this location, this huge windswept, body of water, minerals and stone. This gorgeous sensuous being in whose flesh we’re entangled.

Becoming earth, Becoming fully human. Becoming a part of the animate world whose life swells within you and unfolds all around you, enfolding you as an important part of her.


You are tuned for relationship, for reciprocity. Your eyes, your skin, your tongue, ears and nostrils are all gates through which your body receives the nourishment of otherness.

For the largest part of our species existence, we negotiated relationships with every aspect of our sensuous natural surroundings. Exchanging possibilities with every flapping, squawking form, with every textured surface, and dancing entity that we happened to focus on. All could speak together, through gesture, whistle and sigh a shifting web of meanings that we felt on our skin, inhaled through our nose, heard through our ears, saw with our eyes, and to which we replied whether with sounds, movements, or shifts of emotion/mood.

The color of the sky, the pounding of the waves, the rustle of wind in the trees, every aspect of the earthly sensuous could draw us into a relationship fed with curiosity and spiced with risk. Every sound was a voice, every scrape or blunder a meeting with multiple forms, beings, with thunder, with oak, with bees, butterflies, dragonflies, snakes. And from all of these relationships our senses were nourished.

We still need that which is other than ourselves, and our own creations. And that which is other than ourselves needs us to live, play, and dance in Ayni.


The way of nature.

the seeking of a new way of speaking, of being, enacting, embodying our interbeing with our earth. A stirring of new humility in relation to other earthborn beings, whether spiders, pigs, flies, or cedar limbs bent low by time. A style of speech, a way of being that opens your senses to the sensuous in all its multiform otherness.

A way of inquiry & reflection that no longer rips us out of the world of direct experience, in order to represent it, this way actually binds us deeper into the thick of our world. A way of thinking that is enacted as much by your body as your mind, and is informed by the humid blanket of summer time air, or the sheet of rain pouring down, the quality of your breath, and the intensity of your contact with all the other bodies, human or non-human that surround you.

A way of coming into felt relationship/ayni with your much bigger more than human ecology of beings that surrounds and sustains us humans.

By welcoming uncertainty, not following the conventional ways can you acclimate yourself to the sensuous wonder that surrounds you. Your animal body for all its susceptibility, and strength is the one and only instrument of your knowing, as our capricious earth is our primary cosmos.

Awaken to being a human being of a much broader commonwealth.


“This is the true joy in life, the being part of a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being force of Nature, instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can…

Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch, which I´ve got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.”

George Bernard Shaw

Volunteer, participate, get involved!

If you don't both you and we–all of life will be bereft forever

The mindless, mechanistic, monetized, militant system is breaking down. We've leapt off of the sinking ship and invite you to join us in bringing forth our life summoning world.

You never change things by fighting or trying to expose the existing illusion (that is dissolving) called reality, you also can't solve a problem from the same level of mind that created it.

To change something, build a new model that makes the old dissolving one so obsolete it can't be revived.

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We welcome you!
You are Divine!
Let us bring forth our new yet ancient world together!

We invite you to walk & live the way of Aloha Ayni Tao living with us today.
Let the ancient wisdom awaken in you as you matriculate in Aloha Ayni Tao living

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Cohabitation Dehesas

Dehesa- The word comes from the old growth multifunctional agrosylvopastoral systems of Spain. The dehesas of Spain (Montados in Portugal) are examples of ecosystems where humans play a constructive role, maintaining and improving the landscape to benefit wilderness, all its inhabitants and humans equally. The area of land belongs to the village/cohabitors in common.

Forests seem permanent and natural. Few are. For at least 6,000 years men and women have shaped the woods. The forests as we know them are products of craft/art-ing.

Up until our time a forest was not a wilderness. From it might be harvested timber, firewood, tanbark, charcoal, fence and hurdle poles, splints for wattle, grass to pasture sheep, goats, cattle, horses, bison and more, acorns to fatten hogs, honey from beehives, ink from oak galls. In return, the users left the dung of the grazing animals.

A good dehesa looks like a park. The principal trees are oak, and under the trees are grasses and many more forage plants.

No one gets individually rich on a Dehesa, yet all live well. It requires a complex code of use allied to half a dozen crafts (or more) in a system of care and protection for all who come after. This has been going on since the bronze age and before. Since the Neolithic age crops have been planted among the trees.


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Owl can see that which others cannot, which is the essence of true wisdom

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Arting/Crafting careers

 Working for a living= merely surviving

Career-ing= inspiring for a short time

Art-ing/crafting vocation-ing= awakened radiantly happy living a full filling life.


Since humans began to build and settle down, there have been two versions of the world; the world made with wood, and the world made with coal and oil. One lasted 12 to 15 millenia, the other has lasted about 250 years so far, and is crumbling into non being.

Humans arose through the exercise of memory, reason and skill in a world that was warming and blooming. Memory gave to reason its material and skill proved a thought to be true (or not). Skill suggested a turn of the wrist, memory preserved it, reason compared it.

The human attributes-courage, faithfulness, patience, fortitude, prudence and honor were forged where the faculties met, in the making of home in the world.

Human beings learned from the woods around them. The more the people worked with the oak, the more the oak taught them what it could do.

When we talk about prehistoric Britain we tend to think of Stonehenge. What we seldom realize is that Stonehenge is by no means unique. Most of the henges that have been excavated were largely or entirely made of oak posts.

The shapes and patterns of all the henges are called entropic because it is thought that they were created within the eyes itself.

The human mind grew through the knowledge born of Art, of Craft, and in order to make, our ancestors had to imagine. In order to imagine, they had to make. Between thinking/imagining and making (art-ing/crafting) the world we know emerged.

To imagine and to make (art, craft) are reinforcing pairs that awaken your spirit to life a big talented full-filling life.


The journey

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Who is us

We are re-enchanting our world by honoring and celebrating everybody and everything while Art-ing a good life for all.


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