Self Governance Standards

Aloha Self governance standards

  1. The world is what you think it is. you create your own personal experience of our world through your beliefs, habits, expectations, attitudes, fears, desires, feelings and actions.
  2.  There are no limits. There are is no real separation between you and your body, you and other people, or you and Goddess/God. There is also unlimited potential for creativity. You can create  anything you can conceive.
  3. Energy flows where attention goes. What you think and dwell on, what you say, will manifest in your life.
  4. Now is the moment of power. There is no experience of the past that can limit you, neither can any expectation of the future. There is no power or redeemer outside of you as the presence of Goddess/God is within.
  5. To love is to be happy with. We all exist because of love. Love has two facets- the being and becoming. This means I am happy with everything being in my life as it is, and happy in becoming.
  6. All power comes from within. There is no power, no redeemer outside of you, because the presence of Goddess/God is within you.
  7. Effectiveness is the measure of truth. In an infinite Universe, there cannot be any absolute truth. There is only effective truth, that comes from our individual consciousness, or perception of life.

Ayni self governance standards

  1. Munay- the way of love & beauty. Munay is as Aloha, and is a love that doesn’t expect anything in return. It’s a nourishing, unconditional biological matrix of being and becoming.  It cannot be owned, it must be cultivated to be experienced.
  2. Yachay- the way of knowledge. To unlearn, to learn, to know, to remember. Authentic knowledge comes from personal experience guided by one’s intuition and dimension of perception.
  3. Llankay- the way of action. The balancing of outer activity with inner work. A way of living that promotes the welfare of others and encourages outer activity performed in the spirit of loving kindness.
  4. Kawsay- the way of life. Getting to know the matrix of energy/Goddess/God that links all living things.
  5. Empathic relationship with all of life. This implies our standing relatives (trees) our furred, 4 legged relatives, winged, feathered fliers, insects, finned, swimmers and creepy crawlies
  6. Self-restraint-the honorable harvest. Receiving only what you need.
  7. Live deliberately. Be fully present, in natural time, not hurrying.
  8. Live in dynamic balance. Understanding the constant flow of creation and destruction.
  9. Expressiveness. Clarity and honesty. Understanding that secrets, grudges and gossiping damage the trust that living in Ayni requires.
  10. Sharing. The unchecked flow of all things, from information to ordinary kindness so that everyone and everything benefits. No one goes without.
  11. Communal living. Providing for the needs to the entire group.
  12. Living in undivided wholeness. Knowing that we each are one part of a living matrix and that our thoughts, words and actions impact the whole.
  13. Playfulness. Setting aside the constant business like sobriety of production.
  14. Inclusiveness. Including all for connection and belonging
  15. Conflict transformation. Conflict naturally arises with us humans since we all have different perspectives. Conflict can be the impetus for growth and transformation, rather than violence.
  16. Openness to Goddess/God. Or whatever name you wish to say. Just knowing that you can directly experience oneness without needing a mediator–pastor/priest/counselor.

Tao self governance standards

  1. Honoring our elders, ancestors (those who have gone before us), and those who will come after (who are not yet born). We used to associate our elders–grandmothers/grandfathers with wisdom, peace and wiser, broader perspectives. Now we associate them with death, illness, and disability and put them away in nursing homes.
  2.  Cooperation & competition in dynamic balance. Competition can be healthy if its for skill sharpening, improving ability to walk away from what doesn’t work and be open for new ideas. It’s also a way of discerning who fits in what roles best.
  3. Patience–the way of Wu-Wei. Slowing down, letting our heart go first so that we can offer thoughts, words and actions that do no harm. Also the action of non-action.
  4.  Listen. Knowing that first you scan your mind to see if you already know this, or to disagree, you can move beyond that into authentically listening–holding the space for someone else to express. Even if its your favourite pig!
  5. Harmony. Fostered by going beyond the norm into the natural.
  6. Humbly placing yourself below the power of heaven. Creating openness inside yourself.
  7. Collaborating. working together to accomplish more for all.

The pillars of old growth culture governance

  1. Allowing water to do its job. Water is sacred, flowing through all of life, and it was given a job to do.
  2. Providing our own food.
  3. Providing your own energy. Walking away from the current “renewable” energy and going beyond to discern better ways to provide our own electricity.
  4. Education. join us in developing educare-meaning to lead forth, always drawing out through the inner line of the heart what is already there. In order to move from ordinary consciousness to a global and even galactic wisdom, we need a transformation of our experiences that take place concurrently with our acquisition of knowledge. It is not enough simply to learn more facts and knowledge about the Universe. Something much deeper is necessary.  We are 7 billion humans, and we have got to learn to live with one another and with all the other 10 million or more species of life in a mutually enhancing-Ayni way.  In a culture where cosmology for one is living, children are taught by grandfather sun and grandmother moon, by rainfall and starlight, by the salmon run and the periwinkle’s hideout.  Being taught this way, they, we will wake up a few moments before dawn, adventuring out into the grey light. As we’re yawning away the last of sleep, and our earth slowly rotates back into the great cone of light from grandfather sun, they will hear the story of grandfather sun’s gift. How this gift is gathered up by our earth to swim in the oceans and sing in the forests. And how some of this has been drawn into our human adventure, so that we are able to stand there and yawn, and able to think, because coursing through their blood lines are molecules energized by grandfather sun.
  5. Wellness. Accepting that our inherent state is wellness, so we stop looking for what’s wrong, allow healing while looking for what’s right. Understanding that dis-ease is an indication of not living in dynamic balance.
  6. Economic. Living in the gift of life.

Cohabitation Dehesas

Dehesa- The word comes from the old growth multifunctional agrosylvopastoral systems of Spain. The dehesas of Spain (Montados in Portugal) are examples of ecosystems where humans play a constructive role, maintaining and improving the landscape to benefit wilderness, all its inhabitants and humans equally. The area of land belongs to the village/cohabitors in common.

Forests seem permanent and natural. Few are. For at least 6,000 years men and women have shaped the woods. The forests as we know them are products of craft/art-ing.

Up until our time a forest was not a wilderness. From it might be harvested timber, firewood, tanbark, charcoal, fence and hurdle poles, splints for wattle, grass to pasture sheep, goats, cattle, horses, bison and more, acorns to fatten hogs, honey from beehives, ink from oak galls. In return, the users left the dung of the grazing animals.

A good dehesa looks like a park. The principal trees are oak, and under the trees are grasses and many more forage plants.

No one gets individually rich on a Dehesa, yet all live well. It requires a complex code of use allied to half a dozen crafts (or more) in a system of care and protection for all who come after. This has been going on since the bronze age and before. Since the Neolithic age crops have been planted among the trees.


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Arting/Crafting careers

 Working for a living= merely surviving

Career-ing= inspiring for a short time

Art-ing/crafting vocation-ing= awakened radiantly happy living a full filling life.


Since humans began to build and settle down, there have been two versions of the world; the world made with wood, and the world made with coal and oil. One lasted 12 to 15 millenia, the other has lasted about 250 years so far, and is crumbling into non being.

Humans arose through the exercise of memory, reason and skill in a world that was warming and blooming. Memory gave to reason its material and skill proved a thought to be true (or not). Skill suggested a turn of the wrist, memory preserved it, reason compared it.

The human attributes-courage, faithfulness, patience, fortitude, prudence and honor were forged where the faculties met, in the making of home in the world.

Human beings learned from the woods around them. The more the people worked with the oak, the more the oak taught them what it could do.

When we talk about prehistoric Britain we tend to think of Stonehenge. What we seldom realize is that Stonehenge is by no means unique. Most of the henges that have been excavated were largely or entirely made of oak posts.

The shapes and patterns of all the henges are called entropic because it is thought that they were created within the eyes itself.

The human mind grew through the knowledge born of Art, of Craft, and in order to make, our ancestors had to imagine. In order to imagine, they had to make. Between thinking/imagining and making (art-ing/crafting) the world we know emerged.

To imagine and to make (art, craft) are reinforcing pairs that awaken your spirit to life a big talented full-filling life.


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We are re-enchanting our world by honoring and celebrating everybody and everything while Art-ing a good life for all.


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